Installing the Plugin

Please follow the below steps to install the plugin:

Step 1: Download Your Plugin Zip

You will be able to download the file after you have purchased the plugin. Keep this safe as we will be installing it as a plugin.

Step 2a: Install the plugin

Log into your WordPress backend, on the left menu, click Plugins -> Add New, then click the button “Upload Plugin”:

Step 2b: Select the file

Select the file from your computer and click the button Install Now.

Step 2c: Activate the plugin after it’s installed.

Done! Your calculator is now installed and you can start using it.

Using the Ultimate Health Calculator

Use the short code shown below on any page or post and the calculator will appear there automatically.

You can get the shortcode from the Plugins page if you want to copy:

Done! Your calculator will appear on the page or post you put the shortcode on.

Changing the settings of the calculator

Please go to the Ultimate Health Calculator settings page in the admin area, change the admin email to what you want to set it to, select the color you want to put using the color picker and save your changes.

Done! Your calculator will have your own new color and you will get an email to the admin email address set whenever someone sends the results to his/her email.

Using the data

Your data will be saved on the Ultimate Health Calculator settings page which you can view whenever you want. If you want to download the data in csv format then you can do that by just clicking on the Download data as CSV button.

Clearing the data

You can clear the data whenever you want by checking the Yes option below the “Do you want to clear the data?” title and then click on the Clear Data button.

Done! Your now know how to use the ultimate health calculator data.

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