Opening the Multiple Health Calculators HTML Zip

Please follow the below steps to open the zip:

Step 1: Download Your Zip File

You will be able to download the file after you have purchased the file. Keep this safe as all the code files are inside this zip.

Step 2: Open the zip

Unzip the file and then go inside the multiple_health_calculators_html directory that you get after unzipping.

Done! You now have access to all the files that have the calculators code.

Using the Multiple Health Calculators Code

Please use the code inside the various html, css and js files to embed the calculators on any page you want.

The bml.html file has the html code for the BMI Calculator. However it needs the other 3 files to work properly. The bmi > css > style.css file has the styling code and the bmi > js > main.js file has the calculations. The main.js file needs the following jquery file to work properly:

Same approach should be followed for all the 10 calculators.

You can use the code depending on which platform you are using it on. You can find below links to some famous platforms that allow embedding custom code:

Changing color of the calculators

Please open the style.css file inside the bmi > css directory to change the color for the BMI Calculator. Open it in any text editor and scroll down to the very bottom of the file. You will find the below 2 lines of code having the color code #3abc4e. Please change that code in the 2 lines to your own color code and update the file.

Please make sure that these 2 lines remain at the very bottom of the style.css file or css embed where ever you are using this calculator.

You can repeat the same process for all the 10 calculators to change the color of the 10 calculators.

There can be 3 lines of css code having the color code #3abc4e as well in some style.css files like below:

Done! Your calculators will have your own new color.

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